There are some very fundamental differences between ESCFederal and our competition. The "ESCFederal Difference" results in a dramatically superior experience for you, your buildings, your tenants and their customers; and they can add up to substantial savings, too.

Our people are the heart & soul of our business. And we make sure they know that. We give them the best training in the industry; and we offer them careers, not just jobs. Our regional management teams are empowered to make good decisions quickly. Our employees and managers often use the facilities we serve, creating a real sense of pride in the work they do for our customers. ESCFederal brings over five decades of building management and operations experience to customer properties. Individually, we’re proud to employ a family of the most dedicated and hard working people in the industry, from ownership on down.

There’s a reason we have the highest customer retention levels in the business. It’s our passion for far exceeding customers’ expectations, and for making it all look and feel so easy. It is also our passion to be the best in the industry. It motivates us. And our passion generates internal energy that spills over to our customers and the marketplace. We strive to do a remarkable job on even routine tasks. Our goal is to remove the headaches of property managers and building owners and provide innovative solutions and cost savings. True devotion to customer needs is in our DNA.

Even the smallest details are measured, managed, and perfected…from our best service practices to our state-of-the-art green cleaning methods, and our advanced technology for quality control and reporting. Exceptional performance is all in the little things; and we work hard to deliver on that promise. From our owners, managers and supervisors, to the people who perform those all-important everyday tasks, everyone at ESCFederal is bright, upbeat, energetic, committed to their job and devoted to making ESCFederal unlike any other company in our industry. You’ll see the difference and pride in ownership in everything we do.

Customers Speak Out...

During our Transformation of the Block at Orange to the Outlets at Orange, we realized that we needed to upgrade our cleaning processes and procedures to ensure a consistently clean and safe customer experience.
Director of Operations