Energy Reduction Solutions

Providing Energy Efficiency Ideas To Improve Your Bottom Line.

Our Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers provide innovative Energy Solutions. We perform Energy Audits and implement Energy Reduction Plans that can dramatically cut your energy costs.

Plan Effectively With a FREE ASHRAE Level 1 Audit

ESCFederal provides innovative energy solutions that have resulted in a 25% Energy Savings with less than a 3-year payback for a majority of our customers. An Energy Audit from one of our licensed engineers will provide a comprehensive picture of your current energy profile. It will identify areas of waste and inefficiency and will set the stage for proposed improvements that will save you money.

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Energy Conservation Measures

After an Energy Audit, ESCFederal will develop an Energy Reduction Plan (ERP) for your facility. This plan will list several Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and/or Renewable Energy Alternatives (REA’s) that generate electricity on-site.

ESCFederal will Engineer, Design and Build the ERP that will work best for your facility’s energy profile. Our experienced staff includes Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers who actively target effective ECMs and REA’s that fit your building’s energy profile.

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